Sean Ward, Metaplanets creator

Metaplanets features high quality interactive streaming 3D animations of our solar system. The planetary models are based on USGS data gathered from NASA space missions. On the right above each planet page are controls and instructions so that visitors may stop and start the rotation, and zoom in and out.

We would love to continue development on this site, and hope to be able to offer a more comprehensive visual experience as well as more information on the features of the different planets.


This site has been around a decade or so, since its author decided it would not only be fun to build, but a neat way to show his daughter space and the Internet at the same time.

Unfortunately, the technology used to view the planets no longer appears to support the majority of visitors, so steps are being taken to replace it. We’re sorry to see support for that technology go. Until then, Metaplanets will have a retro Works better in… feel to it when someone with the latest version of FireFox or Chrome visits; but no worries – it won’t be long before you can explore the solar system on your smart phone.


Metaplanets is grateful to its sponsors and to those organizations and individuals who have provided invaluable resources for the creation of this website.

Viewpoint provides the Viewpoint Media Player, along with other tools used to create and view content on this website.

Maps and data provided by USGS, and the following individuals:

David Seal (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Björn Jónsson
James Hastings-Trew

Awards and Exposure

Metaplanets has been featured on Stephen Cole’s top technology show, ClickOnline on the BBC television network, as well as on BBCworld.

You can see a short write-up there, as well as view the entire show from the archives on that page if you are interested.

Additionally, Metaplanets has won a number of awards, including the
Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence as a Student Resource, and the
Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence in Astronomy and Space Science. Metaplanets has been used in K-12 classrooms all over the world as well as in numerous universities and by the US Navy.